Jerusalem, Israel.

KIAH is an organization which promotes a moderate Judaism, nurtures general education, works for social responsibility, and honors the other in society. Kiah develops two main programs: Social Jewish education and educational excellence which provides equal opportunities to every pupil in every place. As part of the effort to promote leadership and excellence in women KIAH support young students for higher math and sciences programs. In order to support this program, and support young student of 8th grade, from Israel less fortunate parts of the society NovellusDX became a part of this program. We adopted a group of 8th graders, and we are exploring science with them in a 2 years’ program.

The woman of NovellusDx who wish to be a part of the program are becoming mentors of the students throughout the years. The girls, from Kiryat Makachi and Kiryat Gat are coming every 2 months to the company for a visit. They have a full day of experiencing life in the company. We demonstrate scientific work and engineering, and showing them that women are part of the workforce, and are doing wonderful and interesting jobs.

During the visits we expose the students to the general environment of the company. We show them the robots and how they work for us, and we let them do projects on their own, leaded by our team. We get additional benefit of all the women of NovellusDX working together for a greater cause.

Our goal is to become role models for these girls, so they’ll develop ambitions towards a career in sciences or engineering.