Jerusalem, Israel.


NovellusDx poster titled “Functional characterization of variants of unknown significance (VUS) in patients and their responsiveness to targeted therapy drugs (TTD)” was selected by the session Chair for the Best Poster Award during the ESMO 2016 Congress, Copenhagen, Denmark. The poster describes a study in Moffitt Cancer Center that utilized the NovellusDx Functional Annotation for Cancer Treatment (FACT) platform to monitor the activity of signaling pathways and measure their activity in the presence of targeted therapies. The researchers studied EGFR and KRAS mutations in two tumor types using two different NGS platforms and concluded that profiling of drug response of an uncommon mutation in EGFR with co-occurring KRAS mutation demonstrates use of pathway activation as a model of resistance to EGFR TKIs; and that an uncommon BRAF mutation showed minimal activation suggesting a lesser role in driving tumor growth/survival.

Visit our Publication page here or read the abstract at Annals of Oncology.