Jerusalem, Israel., Feb. 7, 2017 — NovellusDx today announced that it received the 1st prize in the international Quality Innovation Award competition. The company will be awarded the prestigious award in a ceremony in Prague, the Czech Republic, by the President of Finland.

“We are working on the cutting edge of functional genomics, helping physicians tailor the best treatment for their patients.” said Ms Mandy Gaziel-Kleg, Director of Quality Management at NovellusDx. “This, of course, requires us to develop innovative technology, and innovative ways to assure the quality of our service.”

“We are delighted to have been recognized as leaders in the field,“ said Haim Gil-Ad, NovellusDx’ CEO. “We strive to develop a culture of excellence, and innovation and quality are the cornerstones of such a culture.”

About the Quality Innovation Competition:

The Quality Innovation of the Year Competition has been arranged in Finland since 2007. Its purpose is to increase the amount and level of innovations. The competition started as a national competition of Finland but has since then been expanded worldwide.


About NovellusDx:

NovellusDx’ mission is to provide functional information about mutations and their responses to drugs, so that oncologists can treat patients with precision therapies, and bio-pharmaceutical companies can develop drugs more effectively. NovellusDx approach is to monitor the functional effects of mutations and observe the effects of drugs, drug combinations and drug candidates on the activity level caused by the mutations. NovellusDx headquarters and R&D are based in in Jerusalem, Israel. Service labs are about to expand to the US, EU and Asia.